Sascha Ettinger Epstein

Documentary Director

Sascha Ettinger Epstein is a documentary filmmaker and magazine feature writer. Her first documentary Painting with Light in a Dark World, about eccentric Kings Cross photographer Peter Darren Moyle, won many awards including the AFI for Best Direction in a Documentary. While at AFTRS she made Sentences, a short documentary about an art program within maximum security at Long Bay Gaol which won an IF Award. Having finished film school, she spent three years making The Oasis, a feature-length longitudinal observational film about a youth refuge in inner-city Sydney and then completed an hour length piece called Midnight Children. Sascha then undertook a year long field-directing role on an observational TV series about police recruits for Channel 10, which was followed by her first drama, Wall Boy, based on the true story of a young boy forced into prostitution at Sydney’s seamy ‘Wall’. Following this she was a field shooter/director on a 3 part series for the ABC about the science of happiness, and also received a British Council grant to explore the documentary scene in London. Most recently Sascha has directed the 4th series of 2020 Vision which explores the future of television and is currently working on two feature documentary films. Documentaries Include: 2020 Vision for Think TV, The Oasis, Kalgoorlie Cops, Making Australia Happy, Recruits, Wall Boy, Midnight Children, Change of Heart, Sentences, Painting with Light in a Dark World.