March Studio

March Studio represents a new generation of architects in Australia who have been educated in a ‘digital’ environment, but embrace the fundamental elements of making and innovation. Established in 2007, March Studio has built a prodigious body of work in a relatively short time. The studio has been awarded numerous International and National Awards for their work, and recently won the renowned International INSIDE Award for BEST WORLD PROJECT Hotel Hotel in Canberra – a project that helped revitalise and transform Canberra into a design, travel and food destination. March Studio began by producing socially-aware art projects and sculptures, then shifted focus to design 16 retail environments for the Australian skin care company Aesop in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Zurich, Geneva, New York, Paris and Singapore. In March Studio’s projects, explorations of form and material are married to a clear communication of the ideals, vision and nature of the client and the market at which they are aimed. March Studio also has a substantial body of private residential work, receiving numerous national awards.