NRMA Insurance: Car Creation

by The Glue Society

Will O'Rourke constructed a concept car for WhybinTBWA Sydney and NRMA Insurance. The project highlights that NRMA Insurance automatically covers the car extras that other insurers might not - like air conditioning, roof racks, and alloy wheels - so we were tasked with creating a car using them. Directed by The Glue Society incorporating both filmic and artistic elements, we unveiled a complete working 'concept' car crafted out of a huge array of extras from all different car makes and models. The build took 2 months, 5 cars, and is comprised of over 50 extras. The project involved the coordination of the broader production unit including our expert mechanic team and other car specialists. The project won a Creative Effectivenes Lion and was Best in Show at the 2013 AWARD Awards.