Google Tilt Brush: Collaboration

Directed by Leilani Croucher

In association with the design platform Semi Permanent, Leilani Croucher directed a film series showcasing Google Tilt Brush. The documentary film and the stereoscopic VR 360 film focus on two creative collaborations from four world-renowned artists, produced at Semi Permanent Sydney.


The two VR artworks featured collaborations between visual artist James Jean and Australian Ballet dancer Sharni Spencer; as well as architect Kelvin Ho and typographer Luke Lucas. The artists explored the new technology and how the 3D painting software can change the design process in the development of new ideas and collaboration. Google Tilt Brush won an Innovation Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in June 2017.


Tips for viewing the VR 360 film in Google Cardboard:


1. Get Google Cardboard and assemble it

2. Open the YouTube app

3. Go to the URL

4. Pause the video. For best playback change the quality setting to 4K

5. Tap the cardboard icon  – you’ll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens

6. Insert your phone into Cardboard

7. With the Cardboard over your eyes, navigate to the play button and tap the button on top of the Cardboard to play the video