NAB: Footify

by The Glue Society

Footify is an annual campaign via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and part of NAB's AFL sponsorship to further Footify Australia. In 2013, FootifyFM was an online live stream radio station that allowed people around the world to listen to live commentary of the AFL Grand Final in languages including German, Greek, Croation, Spanish, Punjabi and Mandarin. 2014 saw Footify Fansplant where five of the world's most passionate sports fans from around the globe travelled to Australia and were dropped into the homes and lives of footy loving Australian families. And 2015 marked the arrival of Footify Fanshake which encouraged AFL fans to shake hands, make a bet, and put their pride and team loyalty on the line for the greater good of the game. The project is directed by The Glue Society.