Cloud 9: Frozen In The Clouds

Directed by Sascha Ettinger Epstein

Frozen In The Clouds was an innovation project directed by Sascha Ettinger Epstein for Grey Melbourne and Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt. The ambition was to freeze tubs of the delicious yoghurt in the clouds, and then share them with key influencers. The 15 launch yoghurt units rose to over 50,000ft and were then popped by remote switches. We assembled a weather balloon and navigation experts, electronics specialists, tracking teams and a frozen yoghurt maestro who prepared, released, tracked and located the units that landed in trees, fields, sheep yards and many other locations. The project took place in a little country town in central NSW, Rankins Springs. Far away from busy metro aviation fly zones which was agreed in consultation with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).