Directed by The Glue Society

GAYTMs is a collaboration with TBWA Melbourne, ANZ and our artistic and project directors at The Glue Society. In 2014 the project marked the bank becoming principal partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. We manufactured hardwearing moulded shells and redesigned the ATMs into handcrafted artworks bejewelled with over a million colourful rhinestones and textures. The project won the Cannes Lion Outdoor Grand Prix in 2014 amongst a raft of other awards.


In 2015 a series of elaborate 3D designs were individually laser cut and meticulously fixed, also featuring light and sound. In 2016 we reimagined the entire Darlinghurst brand, as GAYNZ, in a baroque-inspired celebration of LGBTIQ culture including the GAYTMs on the front facade.


In 2017, the insight of Hold Tight was established, based on research that the LGBTIQ community is twice as likely to feel uncomfortable holding hands in public. Launching in support of a hero piece of film the 2017 GAYTMs were themed in a carnival fairground aesthetic, crafted in beautiful and intricate airbrush art. We estimate our team has spent over 10,000 hours on the GAYTM project since its inception